Deep Brain Stimulation: Adenosine is crucial for DBS–mediated attenuation of tremor

Deep brain stimulation is a surgical treatment where electrodes, or brain pacemakers, are implanted into specific areas of the brain to drive an electrical jolt. The mechanism by which DBS results in the treatment of Parkinsons, Dystonia, Tremor, Chronic pain is still not clearly understood. DBS has been also used to treat tourettes, OCD, phantom … Continue reading

TED Talk: RAMACHANDRAN on your mind

TED Talk VS Ramachandran on your mind The Brain. It is a 3 pound mass of jelly. It can contemplate the universe, the meaning of infinity, and contemplate itself contemplating the meaning of infinity. The holy grail of neuroscience is understanding consciousness. How to study the brain? Look at patients with sustained damage in the … Continue reading

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