Baddeley’s Model of Working Memory

Working memory. Baddeley A. Medical Research Council, Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Science. 1992 Jan 31;255(5044):556-9. Abstract The term working memory refers to a brain system that provides temporary storage and manipulation of the information necessary for such complex cognitive tasks as language comprehension, learning, and reasoning. This definition has evolved from the concept … Continue reading

Sleep and Consolidation: Sleep spindle activity is associated with the integration of new memories and existing knowledge.

Sleep spindle activity is associated with the integration of new memories and existing knowledge. J Neurosci. 2010 Oct 27;30(43):14356-60. Tamminen J, Payne JD, Stickgold R, Wamsley EJ, Gaskell MG. Department of Psychology, University of York, York YO10 5DD, United Kingdom. Abstract Sleep spindle activity has been associated with improvements in procedural and declarative memory. Here, … Continue reading

Chess and the Brain (3 Studies)

Study of change in brain activity due to blood flow while playing Shogi (Japanese chess). Electromyogr Clin Neurophysiol. 2010 Apr-Jun;50(3-4):137-48. Ogata K, Honda N. Dept. of System Engineering, The University of Electro-Communications, Choufugaoka 1-5-1, Chofu City, Tokyo 182-8585, Japan. Abstract BACKGROUND: The study of brain activity has been studied with the use of various … Continue reading

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