Cortical Blinks (microsleep) occur during wakefulness affecting behavior

Local sleep in awake rats Vladyslav V. Vyazovskiy, Umberto Olcese, Erin C. Hanlon, Yuval Nir, Chiara Cirelli & Giulio Tononi AffiliationsContributionsCorresponding author Nature 472, 443–447 (28 April 2011) doi:10.1038/nature10009 Received 30 August 2010 Accepted 17 March 2011 Published online 27 April 2011 ABSTRACT In an awake state, neurons in the cerebral cortex fire irregularly and … Continue reading

TED TALK: Understanding the brain by controlling neurons – Gero Miesenboeck reengineers a brain

TED TALK Gero Miesenboeck reengineers a brain Optical mind control. In this case the brain is controlled to explain how it works. The general neuroscientist ascribes to this statement: ” If we could record the activity of all neurons, we could understand the brain.” But if we could measure the activity of all neurons we … Continue reading

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