Novel Cryo-Imaging technique of GBM’s Microenvironment Reveals Migration and Dispersal Pathways in Vivid 3D Detail

Novel Cryo-Imaging of the Glioma Tumor Microenvironment Reveals Migration and Dispersal Pathways in Vivid Three-Dimensional Detail

Susan M. Burden-Gulley1, Mohammed Q. Qutaish2, Kristin E. Sullivant2, Hong Lu2, Jing Wang2, Sonya E.L. Craig1, James P. Basilion2,4, David L. Wilson2, and Susann M. Brady-Kalnay1,3

Departments of 1Molecular Biology and Microbiology, 2Biomedical Engineering, 3Neuroscience, 4NFCR Center for Molecular Imaging, and Radiology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

Traditional methods of imaging cell migration in the tumor microenvironment include serial sections of xenografts and standard histologic stains. Current molecular imaging techniques suffer from low resolution and difficulty in imaging through the skull. Here we show how computer algorithms can be used to reconstruct images from tissue sections obtained from mouse xenograft models of human glioma and can be rendered into three-dimensional images offering exquisite anatomic detail of tumor cell dispersal. Our findings identify human LN-229 and rodent CNS-1 glioma cells as valid systems to study the highly dispersive nature of glioma tumor cells along blood vessels and white matter tracts in vivo. This novel cryo-imaging technique provides a valuable tool to evaluate therapeutic interventions targeted at limiting tumor cell invasion and dispersal.


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