5 rules on running a First-Class Hospital

1. Ferocious competition. 2. Bigger management is better management. 3. Employ clinically qualified management. 4. Allow personnel to exercise autonomy. 5. Independent ownership. The Economist MEASURING good health, in patients and hospitals alike, is one thing. Finding the causes is harder. Medical professionals in Britain know that Hammersmith Hospital in west London, for example, is … Continue reading

Will power and the role of embodied cognition in self-control: Clenched Muscles can help facilitate self-regulation

Will power and the role of embodied cognition in self-control People who clenched a muscle were able to increase their will power in a series of tests. You’re trying to exercise willpower—to avoid eating that second piece of cake or buying an electronic toy you don’t really need. Try firming up your muscles. Any muscles. … Continue reading

MAP Kinase negative regulator [MKP-1] is a possible target for antidepressants

A PROTEIN involved in the growth and development of brain cells could play a role in depression and provide a possible target for antidepressants. Ron Duman and colleagues at Yale University began their search for a mechanism behind depression by comparing post-mortem brain samples from 21 people who had been depressed and 18 people of … Continue reading

Music makes you exercise harder

Does Music Make You Exercise Harder? By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS For a study published last year, British researchers asked 12 healthy male college students to ride stationary bicycles while listening to music that, as the researchers primly wrote, “reflected current popular taste among the undergraduate population.” Each of the six songs chosen differed somewhat in tempo … Continue reading

Acute Stroke

Source: Society for NeuroInterventional Surgery About Stroke Overall, strokes can be divided into two main types. The first type, known as a hemorrhagic stroke, happens when an artery in the brain bleeds. This kind of stroke may be caused by an aneurysm (a bubble in the artery wall) that bursts or by a condition called … Continue reading

Love lessens Pain

Love is like a drug!! It activates the primitive reward system region, the same brain region that is stimulated by analgesics and pain relieving opioid and addictive drugs. Love, like distracting activities, distract you from pain alleviating its symptoms. Podcast Source ” Two researchers—pain specialist Sean Mackey at Stanford and love specialist Arthur Aron at … Continue reading

Music enhances cognitive recovery and prevents negative mood

Source: Music listening enhances cognitive recovery and mood after middle cerebral artery stroke Abstract We know from animal studies that a stimulating and enriched environment can enhance recovery after stroke, but little is known about the effects of an enriched sound environment on recovery from neural damage in humans. In humans, music listening activates a … Continue reading

BDNF is behind Brain Rule Number 1: Exercise boost Brain Power

Exercise Boost Brain Power Here i summarize the article titled “The Effects of Exercise of the Brain” by MK McGovern Exercise has a number of positive effects on the brain including: 1. Treating depression 2. Improving memory 3. Alleviation of mental and physical pain 4. Neurogenesis Exercise exerts is effects through the mechanisms of neurogenesis, … Continue reading

Stress and the Brain: What Makes Some of Us More Vulnerable Than Others?

Source: Dana Foundation Some people can overcome traumatic experiences, while others are less resilient, developing psychiatric conditions such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Why such variation? Researchers at a symposium held at the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) meeting in Amsterdam this summer tried to tease out some of the reasons. Exposure … Continue reading

Where do good ideas come from?

TED talk by Steven Johnson Liquid networks -The Slow hunch: very important ideas have a long incubation time. Darwin is an example. Great ideas fade into view for a long time. Chance favors the connected mind.

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